We travel in a mobile veterinary clinic similar in size to a medium RV or large delivery truck. We have to be able to access your non-inclined driveway or have nearly level parking directly in front of your home for appointments. The mobile clinic does not fit in regular-sized parking places or under carports. If you have questions about your parking situation please email us with your address and we will check an online map to assess your location.

Unfortunately, one of the limitations of our mobile practice is that we are unable to reach everyone with our mobile clinic, as it is a large, tall vehicle with low ground clearance full of sensitive medical equipment.   Due to our size and parking constraints, we are often not able to serve patients who live in condos or apartment complexes.  We do need to be able to park directly in front of your home in our mobile clinic in order to best serve your pet.

Your pet receives the full attention of both the doctor and her assistant at all times, as there are no other pets present or procedures being done.